On January 29 2021, Cauda Equina Champions Charity launched their first ever fundraising campaign called ‘1 Million Steps for CES’, but just over eight weeks later and the team have walked over 23 million steps and raised a staggering £5,181.


The UK’s official Cauda Equina Syndrome (CES) charity asked people to step into the New Year and help raise awareness of the condition by getting out there, walking for a better mental health and supporting those people that they may know, or loved ones that have permanent disabilities resulting from the syndrome. With the news of Storm Keating’s Cauda Equina Syndrome diagnosis post birth breaking the news over the last few days, the charity want to continue to raise awareness with just over 40 days to go with their ‘1 Million Steps’ fundraising campaign.  

Claire Thornber, Founder of the charity commented: “It has been extremely successful and we want to continue to raise vital funds to support members of our charity, and health practitioners with training to prevent late diagnosis of the syndrome.


“Through our work on the Helpline it has become apparent services accessible to patients with CES are being withdrawn, due to the impact of COVID therefore, it is more important than ever to offer any support we can in these difficult times and reach as many unsupported patients as possible.” 

The launch of the campaign received the continuing support and contribution of Sean Ash, a London emergency call handler, who recently has had emergency surgery and raised significant funds for London Ambulance Service, plus the voice of their charity ambassador Duncan James who was diagnosed with Cauda Equina Syndrome several years ago.


‘1 Million Steps’ allows everyone to get involved and be part of the campaign, even those chronically affected by the condition. Every single step counts towards the collective goal of raising vital awareness of the syndrome. To get involved and to start fundraising join the Just Giving campaign at: https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/1millionstepsforces.