Alice D’s latest single ‘Passion’ continued the London artist’s skybound ascent, adding praise from Wonderland and FAULT plus a BBC Introducing Spotlight Artist feature to previous airplay from 1Xtra. Now the singer-songwriter’s rise continues as she shares the new single ‘Nervous’, together with its official video. Both songs will feature on her upcoming ‘Into The Light’EP, which follows on 15th September.

‘Nervous’ sees Alice D cooking up a feast of shimmering African rhythms with the flavour of London’s R&B scene. Mixing pop appeal and soulful sensuality, Alice D’s classy topline adds that special something as she sings of a relationship in which confidence is a one-way street. As with ‘Passion’, ‘Nervous’ was written by Alice D and produced by her regular collaborator Tim Blok. 

Alice offers an insight into the inspiration behind ‘Nervous’: “I started with stories I’d experienced and heard from people close to me about how independent women are seen as difficult by men, then opened up to society as a whole and the standards people are unfairly held to.”
Directed by Henry Croston (Mabel, Yung Filly, Liam Payne), the accompanying video for ‘Nervous’ conveys the song message by focusing on Alice D’s supremely confident performance.
Alice adds, “The ‘Nervous’ video was just Henry and I in a field so it’s a much simpler set-up than ‘Passion’, but I think it conveys this message of freedom really well. The red suit is powerful and strong and matches the ‘Nervous’ artwork too. I wanted to run in the video as I sing about people ‘running away from themselves’ and being fearful of others who are being true to themselves. The colour red also symbolises action, confidence, and courage.”
‘Nervous’ possesses the authenticity that informs everything that Alice D does, an attribute that’s a key part of the ‘Into The Light’ EP. ‘Into The Light’ tells a cohesive story, underlined by the fact that it’s topped and tailed with an atmospheric intro and outro. It’s an immersive listen, full of intricately finessed songs that individually draw from Alice’s unique voice and varied experiences, and collectively represent a striking talent whose music is somehow both personal and universal. 
Music is in her family heritage. Her mother, Sara Dallin, was one of the biggest pop stars of her generation with Bananarama, while her father, Bassey Walker, was a dancer for iconic artists including Michael Jackson and Tina Turner, as well as an artist in his own right. 
Naturally, Alice started to make music as a child and her hobby turned into a vocation. Striking out on her own merits, she first became a topline singer and songwriter on the UK underground dance scene, before establishing her own sound with the help of her friend Oscar Scheller (Mabel, Biig Piig, Tkay Maidza). Further informed by her love of collecting vinyl from all genres and eras, Alice D’s sound continued to evolve in surprising new directions, with R&B, bossa nova and flamenco working their way into her vision.
Her 2021 EP ‘Where The Wildflowers Grow’ made for a compelling introduction, but that was only the beginning. From there, Alice dug deeper into her own life and opinions to give her songs an extra relatable edge - as shown with ‘Passion’ and ‘Nervous’. Now she writes songs of defiance and empowerment, a blend sure to draw new listeners in with a magnetic pull.