Waste not this Christmas with zero-waste spirits brand, Discarded Spirits Co. The sustainable spirits company procures unwanted and rebuffed ingredients, reusing them creatively to develop three delicious, unique spirits – making the perfect gift for sustainably-minded friends and loved ones this festive season.

From Banana Peel Rum and Sweet Cascara Vermouth made from the husks of coffee cherries to Grape Skin Vodka made from the waste leftover from wine production, the collection of Discarded spirits gives a second life to waste ingredients whilst creating a new drinking experience that’s both premium and purposeful.

The unique range of sustainably sourced spirits features 100% recyclable packaging meaning the bottle and what’s inside is not only great tasting, but it gives back to the planet too.

So, this year, Christmas spirits can be refreshed by unwrapping the unique range of zero-waste spirits from Discarded and feel good:

·       Discarded Grape Skin Vodka - A gorgeously clean and luscious fruit-forward vodka innovatively created by using the leftover grape skins, stems and seeds – a.k.a. the pomace – from the wine-making process. The pomace is distilled and then blended with ‘wine alcohol’, leftover from the wine dealcoholisation process, to form the final product. To perfect the taste, Discarded Spirits Co. selected Spanish Chardonnay grapes for its their character and tropical notes. 

·       Discarded Banana Peel Rum - The ideal gift for a taste of the Caribbean this Christmas. Made by infusing recovered banana peels in cask-aged Caribbean rum, which was previously used to season whisky casks, for two weeks to maximise and create a unique depth of flavour. The end result produces an utterly unique, sustainable and delicious spirit that tastes like liquid banana bread. 

·       Discarded Sweet Cascara Vermouth - A twist on a classic, this is the perfect gift option to satisfy everyone with a refined palate. This sweet vermouth is made from cascara, the ‘discarded’ fruit husks of the coffee cherry. Discarded takes these cherries, of which millions of tonnes – are thrown away each year during coffee production, and transforms them into this rich, fruity and complex vermouth.  The cascara cherries are dried and fermented, before being steeped in alcohol for two weeks to maximise the flavour and then blended with sherry (that was previously used to season whisky casks) to create this perfect concoction.