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Dr Marcia McLaughlin met up with her best friend Marcia from School, and her surrogate mother Hazel who looked out for her through her teenage years for the first time in a very long time, reminiscing about their childhood and cracking jokes all afternoon.

In the first month of operation the daily average number of vehicles entering the Clean Air Zone was between 95,000 – 100,00. During the same period the percentage of vehicles subject to the daily fee reduced from 18.7% in the first two weeks of operation to 12.4% in the final part of the month, following the introduction of payments on 14 June 2021.

Passenger cars accounted for 80% of unique vehicles entering the zone on a daily basis with light goods vehicles (vans) the second largest category of vehicles at 9%.

The online dating industry is huge and worth billions, and a dating app is often the go-to place for many singletons. However, one thing it seems that many of us have learnt during this extraordinary COVID-19 period is just how important it is to have friends.

It’s relatively easy to find somewhere to go to find a potential partner, but what about finding a new buddy? Making a friend, a good friend, as an adult can be a tricky business – unlike it was for many of us when we were children.

Bicester Heritage has again been formally recognised for its regeneration of one of the UK’s most ‘at risk’ sites of national historic importance, receiving the Conservation and Regeneration category at this year’s Construction Excellence SECBE Awards.

The former RAF Bicester site, is home to a plethora of historic motoring and aviation businesses, including the offices for Motorsport UK, Morgan Motor Company and auction house Bonhams MPH, within its unique ‘motoring marina’ ecosystem.