A pleasant combination of open, powered- white sands and smaller, secluded beach fronts make St. Kitts the ultimate beach destination. The southeastern peninsula undoubtedly hosts the finer beach scene, picturesque pale sand and tropical blue waters, while the north tends to present a more rustic feel with darker, volcanic sands. The western, Caribbean side of the island flaunts calmer seas, while the eastern, Atlantic coast boasts a wild, breezier shoreline.

At the very tip of the southeastern peninsula, Banana Bay possesses a stunning, isolated hot-spot for those much-needed moments of peace and quiet. Take an uninterrupted stroll along the small crescent shaped stretch of soft sand or simply sit back, relax and bask in the delightful sunshine. With terrific views of sister island, Nevis, swaying coconut trees and serene ambience, Banana Bay is almost the epitome of that perfect Caribbean beach 'life'.  In 2015, it will also be the location of St. Kitts' first Park Hyatt luxury five star hotel featuring world-class amenities and an exclusive beach club.

Majors Bay, a calm, narrow stretch of golden sand and warm blue water is a popular location to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Perfect for couples and families, take a casual swim or explore the vibrant underwater life through snorkeling. Bring your fishing rod along as there are some fantastic opportunities to fish in the bay with, a serene, free of the city-life experience. Although there are no major facilities on this beach, you will find The "Sea Bridge" ferry, running a short route across the Narrows to Cades Bay on the northwestern end of the island of Nevis.

Located along the Atlantic Coast, North Frigate Bay is idyllic as a spot for relaxation and windsurfing. Situated of the 'rougher' sea side of the island, the surf is much choppier for those up for a challenge. A collection of hotels and restaurants such as the St. Kitts Marriott Resort and Sugar Bay Club are situated along this long stretch of sand, kept in immaculate condition. Rituals Coffee House will guide you to delicious and reasonably priced food, with the accompaniment of a coffee, tea and iced drink selection, while Bombay blues, an Indian establishment will have you relishing in such culinary delights to tantalize your taste-buds.  Adding to the scene at Frigate Bay is a Japanese Sushi Bar and Pizza House.

Undoubtedly one of the most popular beaches in St. Kitts, South Frigate Bay hosts an array of easily accessible and superb beachfronts, attracted by both locals and tourists. Home to what is known as 'The Strip' a range of beachfront bars has sprung, offering lively entertainment and an unforgettable Caribbean experience. Immerse yourself in a whole variety of water-sports during the day, including swimming, wind-surfing and water-skiing or kick-back and join the locals for a night of amazing food, music and dance - at your choice of Mr. X's Shiggidy Shack, Vibes Beach Bar, ChinChilla's Mexican Restaurant & Bar, Boozie's and more.