May is Mental Health Awareness Month in the States and this week also marks Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK. And whilst all brands and businesses should take care of their employees all year round (and we expect they do...), now is the perfect time to highlight those that go above and beyond. 


Supporting the health and wellbeing of staff isn’t a subject to brush off – it should be a priority for all businesses – and it is exactly that for global luxury packaging provider Delta Global. A survey suggests that 41% of employees feel regularly stressed and burnt out at work – a shocking statistic that should encourage employers to take the wellbeing of their staff seriously if they haven’t already done so. 

Robert Lockyer, Founder and Chief Client Officer of Delta Global says, “This is just one statistic, and I’m sure there are others out there, that demonstrates not only the need, but the significance of prioritising the wellness and wellbeing of employees. At Delta Global, there is nothing more important to us than ensuring our staff – who we see as extended family – are well and happy, both in and out of work.” 

Robert introduced ‘Our Place’ to Delta Global HQ in 2021, to allow employees time away from their desk for 90 minutes each month with a professional wellbeing coach. ‘Our Place’ is exactly what it says.

“It’s our place to do whatever we want – whether our employees want to use their 90 minutes for ongoing therapy, to discuss work or whatever they wish,” he continued. All employees at Delta Global can use their 90 minutes whenever they like, and at a time that suits them without eating into their lunch breaks and personal time – as Robert explains that these are equally as important.  

The luxurious and comforting space is situated at the Leicestershire-based office; however, it is situated as far away from the working environment as possible within the building, allowing staff to completely switch off. With warm and inviting décor, rich green tones and ambient lighting, ‘Our Place’ utilises seasonal scents and is quite the opposite of clinical. 

Robert explained: “We were keen to create a destination that was cosy and, in some ways, a home away from home.

“We wanted to avoid anything too bright and clinical as this can often contribute to a more negative experience. What we have created is exactly what I’d envisaged and with 65% of staff, including myself, utilising ‘Our Place’, I’d say it’s been a success. 

“We will continue to invest in and prioritise the health, wellbeing and wellness of the Delta Global family, as without them, all that we do and achieve wouldn’t be possible. Their happiness comes first and foremost, and everything else comes second.” 

Robert encourages all brands and businesses to invest in the well-being of staff, stating that they are at the heart of what we do. He said; “our team deserve the very best we can offer them.”