Teachers in France will be wearing masks as schoolchildren return with a somewhat relaxed version of the rules. Schools are encouraged to stagger start and finish times to prevent large groups building up as surfaces that are touched regularly will be cleaned and disinfected at least once a day.

In Italy class sizes are smaller with students being seated 1m apart. Entry will be staggered and schools will be open for lessons on Saturdays.

Students have to wear masks and teachers will wear face shields.
Some lessons will be held outdoors where possible or in big spaces with distance learning available for secondary school students who live with vulnerable family members.

Germany's 16 states are in charge of education with school year starting at different times in different states with classes reorganised into groups of several hundred students.

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania was the first state to reopen schools, although one there had to close in the first week after a teacher tested positive for coronavirus. A primary school also closed for two weeks after a pupils tested positive.

Pupils in Spain returned voluntarily in May where the toilets are cleaned three times a day.

As the government issued guidelines which is adapted depending on the situation in each of the 17 autonomous regions, schools have been asked to prioritise outdoor activities and stagger start, finish and break times.