King G Mall Dhol Blasters has been included by World Book of Records Gold Edition as the world's first, oldest and biggest male/female combo Dhol team

Now going for over 30-years, founder and leader of the Birmingham-based outfit, Gurcharan Mall B.E.M., CEO, along with his team, was acknowledged with the world record certificate of inclusion, which was presented by Shri Virendra Sharma, the Labour Member of Parliament for Southall, in England.

Destined to protect, develop and keep the Punjabi culture strong and alive, King G Mall’s The Dhol Blasters (True Roots and Colours of Punjab) take pride in their ethnic music and culture, which they want to share with the rest of t h e w o r l d.

T h e organisation has released more than nine albums, for some they have received Platinum and Gold discs. They have also won many awards. for performances in the UK, America, India, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Norway, Germany, Holland, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain and Malaysia. Amongst their array of recognitions include the ‘Lifetime Contribution to Music Award’ at The Phoenix Gala Awards and the International Performing Artist “PRIDE of Punjab Award.

On being recognized by honour, King G Mall Dhol Blasters congratulated by Shri Virendra Sharma, Dr Diwakar Sukul (Chair of the World Book of Records, London), Shri Santosh Shukla (President, World Book of Records) and other dignitaries from international scenario.