Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park (formerly the Nature Centre) has been especially busy over the last month with the birth of some beautiful spring babies.

And the good news for visitors is that some of them are venturing out so if you visit, you may catch sight of them.

You’re also invited to name them – just leave your suggestions at the front desk in reception when you visit.

Head of Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park, Les Basford, said: “Our Pied Tamarins, Freddie and Boudicca, had a baby on 18 February, then later that month the Golden Lion Tamarin Twins were born on 27 February to proud mum Cleo and dad Pablo.  Last of all the Yellow Capuchin Monkeys, Benji and Comico, had a baby on 18 March.

“Although the Pied Tamarin baby is the oldest of the bunch, Pied Tamarins are very nervous creatures and his tiny parents – each weighing in at about 600g – are both extremely protective so visitors are unlikely to catch a glimpse.  However the other three babies are growing in both size and confidence and aren’t fazed at all so I’m sure visitors will be able to see them.”

Many of these species are critically endangered and are part of international breeding programmes.  Pied Tamarins are now considered to be Amazonia’s rarest primate and they are extremely difficult to reproduce in captivity.  There are fewer than 300 Yellow Breasted Capuchin monkeys in the world so the new babies are a remarkable achievement and testament to the hard work put in by the staff at the park.