Mursel was a refugee who was a lawyer before he came to the UK. When he arrived here, he was unemployed and lacked finances so he considered his options and decided to try to change his career to secure a good future for his family. 


At CodeYourFuture, Mursel learned to learn like professionals, which means he learnt how to approach complex problems systematically and how to work in a team, working on projects is an essential aspect of the programme; it dramatically improves learning and prepares trainees for the tech industry. 

Mursel reached his goal and found a great job in tech. When he received a phone call from Capgemini’s hiring recruiter with a job offer as a Software Developer, Mursel knew he had succeeded in starting his tech career. He says: “I am very confident about coding now, and I believe in myself.”

Davinder was an asylum seeker, he was an engineering student before coming to the UK and wanted to study once again. In his own words, “I was helpless and new in this country. I wanted an opportunity to continue my studies.” While asylum seekers can study in the UK, they cannot work and generate an income, severely limiting their opportunities. Davinder struggled to find a way to learn the coding skills he wanted.

One day, he saw a poster from CodeYourFuture at a bus stop. “Every door seemed to be closed because of my social status, but CYF opened one big wide door for me – and changed my life by giving me this opportunity.” says Davinder, “with CYF, I had something to look forward to once again in my life.” 

Confident about his future, Davinder says, “I am a full stack web developer now! I’m more confident and have more skills. I’m ready to go out there and use my skills as soon as I can.” After being granted refugee status, Davinder found a great job at Overleaf.

Deniz wanted to change her career, so she started searching for ways to learn how to code.  Before starting with CYF, Deniz had never written a line of code. She received help from many people: her career mentor, the program coordinators, a development mentor and a technical mentor.

In addition, she also had her buddy group of other CYF trainees help her through difficult times. “I graduated because of this fantastic community,” Deniz says.  CYF also partners with external companies to help with trainee development.

While acting as a project manager on a hackathon with Capgemini, Deniz realised that she was ready to start her journey into the tech industry. She enjoyed her experience of being a Project Manager so much she applied to Capgemini as a Scrum Master and got the job! 

Students are trained in full-stack web development by volunteers from the tech industry, putting a strong emphasis on collaboration and product development through tech projects. After graduation they work in companies like FT, BBC, STV, Ticketmaster and startups like Adzuna, Sensible Object, tlr and WeGotPop.ave.