Outstanding pupils from seven primary and secondary schools in Coleshill, Erdington and Four Oaks, came together last week for the first official meeting of the Arthur Terry Learning Partnership Student Leadership Team. The landmark event – which took place at the Stockland Green School - marked the first time students from each academy in the respected multi-academy trust had been together at the same time.  The newly-formed team will see pupils take on key leadership roles as they work together with fellow pupils and adult leaders to represent the student voice and help shape the future direction of the wider ATLP.

Fourteen pupils - two from each academy: Arthur Terry, Coleshill and Stockland Green secondaries, and Brookvale, Hill West, Mere Green and Slade primaries, have been selected to represent their schools at leadership level.

The dynamic children, who range from year 4 to 10, will take on positions that mirror the existing ATLP adult leadership structure. The team will lead on a number of projects to further enhance the pupil experience and encourage further collaboration across all of the schools.

During their first session last week, the children met with Stockland Green headteacher, Marie George. After getting to know each other and working in different groups, the team took part in presentations, discussions and games. They also gained a greater understanding of the ATLP and the benefits it brings, along with the role that they will be playing in the future of the partnership.

Stockland Green School’s assistant headteacher and project co-ordinator, Rebecca Goode, said: There is strong evidence that students who are given a wide range of opportunities to develop and practise leadership skills are better prepared for life beyond school.

“As a school and across the partnership we are keen to maximise the number of opportunities for students to develop these key skills and collaborate. We value student voice, and recognise their ideas and creativity. This has been the start of a very exciting adventure for both students and staff.”

Following the success of their first session, the team will now meet at different ATLP schools as they familiarise themselves with the partnership and formulate their ideas for the future. The group will then present their plans to all of the ATLP headteachers.

In true ATLP style, the pupils have worked well together, bonding quickly and proactively sharing and engaging in a range of ideas and activities. All of the team are enthusiastic about the team and are extremely keen to have their say in ATLP matters.

Danyal, a year 4 pupil from Slade, said he had “butterflies” when he was chosen for the team and that his supportive classmates had cheered him on.  His new friend, year 5’s Freddy, from Mere Green, was loving mixing with all the other pupils, while the Coleshill School’s Charlotte, year 10, said: “I enjoy meeting other students and it’s been great to visit another of our schools. I’m really looking forward to what we can achieve as a team.”


Brookvale’s Marco enjoyed taking part in a trading style exercise, while fellow year 5 pupil, Rhea, from Hill West, said: “it’s been a great day.” One of the older students, Cameron, a year 10 from Arthur Terry, said that working with the younger children had been “great fun” and Stockland Green’s Joshua, year 9, said: “We are all excited about meeting again – it’s been a big success.”

Stockland Green School’s headteacher, Marie George, said: “The day was phenomenal. Our students really are amazing. They have worked brilliantly with each other from start to finish and have really bonded as our Student Leadership Team. They have worked on a calendar of events that they would like to run next year. They are an exceptionally creative group and have come up with some great ideas. 


“The feedback from our children has been so positive and they are really looking forward to their next sessions together. A huge thank you to the staff who organised and delivered a truly great day and for all the time and effort they put in to ensure the children have such an enjoyable experience – a real team effort as always.”