Published storyteller and poet Clive Alando Taylor is set to release his new book, ‘SpiritVolition’ (published by AuthorHouse UK), sharing his collection that takes a look at language and society through the expression of poetry and songs.


‘SpiritVolition’ is a collection of verses containing paradoxical and controversial elements interpreting current events and trends such as the multiculturalism, the new generation’s mind-set and progression of ideas in social media. With that said, it is a modern expression that is “profound and extreme” using language.  These pieces aim to stir the reader’s imagination and emotions as well as expression of ideas using what is deemed as unorthodox songs and poetry. These songs and poems possess aesthetic and provocative qualities with distinctive style — incorporating wordplay — and rhythm. It also has earthly and spiritual components that readers can reimagine and enjoy.


“[The book] is relative in a way, as much as we are an immediate needs to be met kind of throwaway and discard type of society, in that information is only relative to our current everyday activities… as oppose to anything which is to be seen, or treated or highly valued as necessary and important,” Taylor explains.


He invites his readers to engage with the impact of wordplay as they discover and learn something new from these verses.


Below is an excerpt taken from one of its poem, ‘Spiritvolition:’ :-


It’s Like A Fatal Heartattack / It’s Like An Onslaught Of The Senses

As U’re Engagement Is Fully Tested, / It’s Like U’re Bleeding Inside Of U’re Bones

As U’re Muscles Stretch And Contract / As U’re DNA Reports Back

It’s Like A Cellular Suicide / As U’re Cells Begin To Divide


Born in Southwest, in London, Clive Alando Taylor is the youngest son of six siblings whose interests include world religions, humanity and philosophy, music, dance and poetry.


As a writer, poet, artist and performer, he has always felt the need to convey his thoughts through the artistic expressions of words and music, and even through the unspoken medium of movement and motion.


Thus, it urges him to write some of his published materials on a variety of subjective ideas.

These include fictions – ‘Negus the Healer,’ ‘Angelus E’Nocturnus’ and ‘Quillian Cross’ as well as poetry books ‘Philophobia’ and his latest ‘SpiritVolition.’