The vibrant spirit of the Caribbean will come alive as the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia area gears up to host the exhilarating 5 day, 6 event festival known as Hookie Weekend.

As always, the highly anticipated annual celebration promises to immerse attendees in the rich cultural heritage with its creatively themed 2024 J'ouvert and Mas experiences. On June 15th the beloved J’ouvert celebration ‘Lion’s Pride J’ouvert’ will feature major merriment in mud, paint and powder.

Attendees are encouraged to join in the early morning revelry at the Rosecroft Raceway from 7AM and embrace the freedom and fun of this traditional street party. This year the drinks-inclusive event is themed “Soca Wars” and will bring the intergalactic J’ouvert vibes for all in attendance.

Viewed by many Hookie Weekend faithful as the pinnacle of the festival, ‘Riddim & Road’ which takes place on June 16th at the Rosecroft Raceway from 2PM will once again showcase costume creativity. The DJ driven, drinks-inclusive affair’s 2024 theme is “Rise of the Phoenix” and much like the mythical golden bird associated with renewal and regeneration, patrons are urged to remix their costumes from past carnivals or purchase one of the original, exclusive ‘Riddim & Road’ mas costumes by K. Adoree Ent which are displayed on the HookieLife Entertainment website.

A rep from the promoters of Hookie Weekend’s events shared: “We are thrilled to bring the vibrant energy and rich cultural traditions of the Caribbean to the DMV.

“This festival is a celebration of unity, diversity, and the joyful spirit that defines the Caribbean. We invite everyone to join us for a weekend of unforgettable experiences and cultural immersion.” Hookie Weekend which also includes the events ‘Release Therapy’, ‘Hookie DC Pool Party’, ‘Shine DC’ and ‘Oasis’ will deliver infectious rhythms, dazzling costumes of the Caribbean and bring the freedom and joyous essence of the islands to the heart of the DMV from June 13th to 17th.