Two world champion break dance crews from different corners of the globe are set to lay down their best dance moves in an epic dance battle in London's Trafalgar Square. London-based UK B-Boy crew, Soul Mavericks, will face Korea's B- Boy World champions Jinjo Crew, at the free London Korean Festival on August 9th in Trafalgar Square. Both crews are widely acclaimed and travel internationally to represent their countries in hip-hop dance battles.

South Korea has a huge hip-hop fan base and is home to some of the top rated breaking crews in the world. Like the UK, where crews like Diversity have won a major television talent show and become household names, Korea's b-boys are also very popular and have won MTV dance shows, talent shows and international battles.

The crews first met in the Final of World B-boy Championships in London in 2012, where Jinjo triumphed, but the Soul Mavericks, who are marking their 10th anniversary this year, are determined to be victorious this time!

Soul Mavericks, who took part in the Beijing and London Olympics ceremony, range in age from 8 to 45 and include both male and female members. The Mavericks are based in London but have attracted dancers   from all over the country including members from Wales, Bristol and Wolverhampton.  The world famous b-girl Terra and b-girl Eddie are the crews' youngest members.

The Soul Mavericks said: "We are eagerly anticipating an exchange of styles at the highest level with Jinjo.  It's going to be an exciting contest and a great opportunity to share the art of breakin!

Jinjo Crew live in Seoul and are flying in from Korea especially for the dance battle and have been rehearsing a brand new routine that is set to entertain and surprise their fans. The crew include world famous champions B-Boy Hong10 and B-Boy Wing, winners of the Red Bull BC1 in 2006 in Brazil and 2008 in Paris, plus members Skim, Vero, FE, Octopus, Fleta, Giboon, Stony, Mold and Patrick Star.

Jinjo Crew has been rehearsing a brand new routine that is set to entertain and surprise their fans. Before the battle Jinjo crew will be meeting young fans and teaching London school kids some breaking dancing moves in a free dance lesson in south London on Friday 7th August.

Jinjo Hong-10 said 'We're excited to come to the UK and take on one of the best crews in the country. Break dancing is dynamic, energetic and a great way of expressing feelings. It's the perfect activity for young people to get involved with and requires hard work and discipline to master the best moves and win battles. We look forward to entertaining the audience at the festival with our new routines.

'We' re also looking forward to meeting the hundreds of youngsters coming to our dance workshop and we hope that we'll inspire them to start their own break dance crews and enjoy performing as much as we do."

The top crews are part of  a wide ranging line up of musicians, dancers and top chefs who are taking part at the FREE one day 'London Korean Festival' in Trafalgar Square on Sunday 9th August 2015.  

The event is organised by the Korean Cultural Centre UK, Korea Tourism Organisation, Korea Creative Content Agency and supported by the Mayor of London.

The event brings together an exciting mix of modern and traditional Korean culture with a dynamic programme of dance from classic to break dance, delicious Korean food, including live demonstrations by celebrity chef Judy Joo, plus E-Sports Games and live music.

'K-Pop' fans will enjoy the five piece female super group f(x), who are leading the Korean wave Hallyu with their catchy electro-pop melodies and daring fashion will headline Trafalgar Square's first K-Pop concert. Known to some as the Korean 'spice girls', f(x) are one of Korea's leading K-Pop groups as well as being an internet sensation with YouTube views in excess of 30 million hits for their eye catching videos.

Korean psychedelic rockers Guckkasten are set to get the crowd moving with their energetic live band. Whilst a wonderful collection of hanboks, traditional South Korean dresses, will on display on the performance stage with a Hanbok Fashion Show presenting the latest creations of this traditional, vibrantly coloured design. There will also be talented UK based young designers showcasing their latest collections.

Korean food is well loved in the capital, and is one of the tastiest, trendiest and healthiest cuisines in the world. Foodies are in for a treat with a live cooking demonstration from the Food Channel's celebrity chef Judy Joo. As well as top cooking tips there will be a range of delicious meals and drinks on offer in the 'Food Zone' which will include stalls from the best of London's Korean restaurants.

The family friendly festival will also have four fun filled interactive zones highlighting the best of Korean food, technology, arts and crafts and gaming to try.  Younger children will enjoy the K-character pavilion with soft play, arts, toys and a sticker wall. The 'Brand Zone' will include two ambassadors of Korean manufacturing and technology Hyundai Motors and LG Electronics. Fans of traditional Korean performing arts will be treated to a range of fine instrumentals from the renowned National Gugak Centre who will play homage to thousands of years of tradition and history with their creative dances of peace and folk music.

Throughout the event look out for the PSY inspired 'Gangnam' flash mob dancers who will be encouraging everyone to join in and have a go at the popular fun dance craze that captured the world.