Strengthening its commitment to Net-Zero, the University Of Warwick has added Liftango’s Climate-Positive Carpooling services to its sustainable transport initiatives.

Part of Liftango’s commitment to sustainability includes offsetting all carbon emissions from every carpool trip. The initiative aims to improve access to shared transport, giving staff and students a sustainable way to travel to and from campus.


Parvez Islam, University of Warwick’s Director of Environmental Sustainability, said: “The partnership between the University of Warwick and Liftango allows staff and students to use a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way of getting around.

“It also enables the University to reduce the number of cars on-site, utilise its parking more efficiently and quantify the environmental impact.” The platform consists of a smartphone app for users to connect, and an operations portal where University administrative staff can monitor and manage the program's success.

For staff and students, it now becomes easier to connect and carpool. Carpool requests get matched in real-time, which means no more waiting around for a match, and the service is free for all users.

Carpoolers can even make private requests to friends directly, making it that much easier to find a carpool ride. Key to the initiative's success is the inclusion of guaranteed parking for carpool users. 

David Mawhinney, Head of Liftango - Europe, said: “Carparking is a powerful incentive for people to carpool. Finding parking is troublesome at the best of times. Providing the right incentive for people whilst minimising their environmental impact is a win-win.” 

Several car park areas will have dedicated spaces for carpoolers, giving staff or students a more accessible option to find that last-minute car park. The University of Warwick joins Liftango’s global network of climate-positive carpool partners, including organisations such as Tesla, INGKA Group, Unilever and the University of British Columbia.