Britain is undoubtedly one of the European nations with the highest levels of sensitivity when it comes to multiculturalism and successful integration of its citizens. The print media in the United Kingdom plays a vital role in the successful integration of diverse cultures.This can be through both social and cultural issues, understanding of cultural traditions and covering the range of issues that governs them.

Its OK to get to know your neighbour.
The Phoenix Newspaper has a live and let live attitude with a non biased approach,  this gives us a reputation for helping to break down social barriers where there should be none.

The newspaper is a powerful voice for everyone living in the UK  and overseas.  We use both the print medium and easy online access, highlighting a wide range of fields such as Health, Education, Music, Lifestyle, Careers and Recruitment, Business, Sport and Social Ethics.

The Phoenix Newspaper focuses on only Positive, Informative  and Objective news, widely available from specific distribution pick-up points such as Newsagents, Chambers of Commerce, Libraries, City Councils, Hotels, Airports, shops, Universities, schools, colleges and local business. This offers advertisers the reassurance of knowing that they will reach their target market.

The Phoenix Newspaper is working under the market trend to circulate a free newspaper on a monthly basis backed up by a powerful website with daily news update , allowing its advertisers to keep their business at the forefront of their prospective clients’ minds.

We are ideally located in the heart of the City Centre, a vibrant hub of activity, with an exciting blend of different cultures engaging with a thriving local multicultural community.

The Phoenix will always be true to its diverse readership and this  shines through in its editorial content; serving the community, engaging with it’s people and striving to educate and raise awareness and confidence within the multicultural community across the UK.

To Inspire a New Generation, promoting cultural awareness, Diversity and equal opportunity for all.