One of Devon's leading ice cream producers, Salcombe Dairy, has just been awarded a Gold in the Food & Drink Devon Awards 2016 for its Blackcurrant Sorbet, recognised for its sophisticated sharp and zesty taste and sleek glossy appearance. It's been a hot summer for Salcombe Dairy, with over 30,000 scoops of ice cream sold out of its new Dartmouth Parlour alone. Those visiting this maritime town managed to indulge in more than 3,000 Sundaes. The popularity of this ice cream parlour is set to continue whilst the weather cools down, as they've introduced a waffle and hot brownie winter selection.

Dan Bly, managing director of Salcombe Dairy, says: “With this recent Food & Drink Devon Award, in addition to the Taste of the West wins and the highest August ice cream sales we've seen in all our years trading, it certainly has been a good summer.” Dan continues: “We saw a 25% volume growth in sales across our range this August compared to last and all the right signs are showing for this to continue.”

2016 so far has been an incredibly successful year for Salcombe Dairy. They have launched the first of their new retro flavours range, Raspberry Ripple, which has been recognised as a Gold Award winner at the Taste of the West Awards. Adding to this, their Salted Caramel ice cream has been awarded both a Gold Taste of the West Award, and has just been given a one-star award at the 2016 Great Taste Awards. Their deliciously indulgent Banoffee ice cream was also recently awarded a Silver at the Taste of the West Awards.

In late June, Salcombe Dairy opened their first ice cream parlour on Dartmouth's Quay. As well as serving their range of ice creams, sorbets and frozen yoghurts, they have also been selling a selection of sundaes, freshly ground barista coffee and Tregothnan Tea.