Following on from a truly outstanding meeting with Minister of Health DR.the Hon. Christopher Tufton, MP and H.E. Seth George Ramocan High Commissioner  and Chairman Paul Harrison  and team members  of Adopt a Clinic and all the members of Adopt a Clinic campaign, a meeting took place that can only be described as captivating really lighting the flame and laying the foundation for what's to come.

The coming together of professionals and specialist from all industries varying from Barristers, Directors Solicitors and so much more setting in motion the first steps towards the long term goals with short term objectives. Across the board were great suggestions from Fund raising strategies, marketing campaigns & our target audience, as well as the long term vision cast by the Minister of Health going “above and beyond what  this team stands for and represents everything that Jamaica is."; united ,vibrant & ambitious.

“We launched our website http://adoptaclinicjamaica.co.uk which went down extremely well with everyone. Easily accessible and simple to use showing clearly all the clinics we are adopting as well as what is needed. We want the public to know exactly what they will be supporting, keeping everyone up to date with what's happening within the clinic. The agenda is simple to play our part in improving the quality of the health care throughout all of Jamaica. “Out of many one people” I’m sure we have all heard this before! Harrison says, "We at adopt a clinic believe that together we can truly have a major long term impact within the communities in Jamaica."

“ ’Faith without works is dead’ - we aren’t only believing we are taking action ,many members from the team are travelling to Jamaica and visiting these clinics to have first-hand experience of the current state of these clinics and will be having regular follow ups speaking to the employees and locals on their experience In addition members of the team will also be visiting the Jamaica55 Diaspora Conference promoting the need to support Adopt a Clinic as well as officially launching this campaign throughout Jamaica.

CEO Marland Pinnock of Printexpert.co.uk, a family owned business, is the Deputy Chairman for Adopt a Clinic. Marland and his wife Kuldip Pinnock have fully supported the campaign and are strongly involved wherever a difference can be made especially for such a good cause. With their full team of experts on design and printing, along with Chairs expertise from PKMedia ltd.com Paul Harrison Director and Chairman of adoptaclinicjamaica.co.uk.

Marland said, “The Adopt A Clinic initiative is something close to my heart, born and raised in rural Jamaica  I understand how crucial these clinics are is in some areas the nearest hospital is 2-3 hours away making clinics as important as hospitals in rural Jamaica. I strongly believe if we come together we can make a difference to the lives of many people in Jamaica. As little as £3.00 per month can make a huge difference. This campaign is running in all 14 Parishes of Jamaica (County & Town) giving individuals the opportunity to raise funds for their local clinic, allowing them to check on progress and ensuring donations are getting spent on the clinic of their choice. What makes this campaign truly unique is you can choose to give back to where you come from.“

Honourable Christopher Tufton was very pleased with the presentation by the Adopt a Clinic team and commended H.E. Seth George Ramocan.

The youngest team member is 24 year old Jerome Lancaster Regional Vice President ACN  who is the executive board member of Adopt a Clinic and has sponsored for £5,000 the Sea Forth Health Centre Wyatt Scheme Seaforth  St Thomas which is from his Mothers place of birth , VP Lancaster has taken up the challenge to encourage business leaders to take the lead and become a one of the 55 team leaders who will be responsible for raising a minimum of 5k through your business, organisation or your community group, raising funds over the  period of your choice, between 1 to 3yrs.

Other senior Business leaders, including Kingsley Shipping Director Morrison said that this project is also close to his heart and has taken up the challenge to sponsor £5,000,  Fyffes Pen Health Centre Clinic in St Elizabeth  and to be one of the 55 leaders in the Adopt a Clinic is a worthy cause to help to increase the standard of the Clinic and a monthly report and a  picture will be placed on the adopt clinic, with the improvements of the clinic for all to see. HC also reminded us that " all of the 55 team leaders will also have a plaque placed in the Clinic with the words of thanks from their Sponsor and of course  at any time any one of the supporters of Adopt a Clinic  are visiting Jamaica, whatever your donation you can pass by the clinic to say hello to your new adopted family, and all of this can be arranged by  the Adopt the clinic team via Ministry of Health.

Harrison said that it is time to pass on the  baton and to involve our young people as they are our future and good Health is something that we all wish to maintain for a  good standard of life.

Honourable Christopher Tufton closed the meeting with his appreciation to HC and the team Adopt a Clinic and to the family and  Friends of Jamaica  for taking up this great mantel in  supporting  this amazing project.