Air Canada hosted Thursday, May 16, the official presentation of its much-anticipated direct flight between Madrid and Montreal, marking a significant milestone in the air connection between Spain and Canada. 

The event was emceed by Miguel da Costa, Air Canada's Operations Manager, who highlighted the importance of this new route in the airline's expansion strategy. Canada's Ambassador to Spain, Wendy Drukier, was present at the event, highlighting the value of each flight in strengthening ties between the two countries. In her words, she pointed out that “each flight strengthens the connection, not only between two destinations, but between two cultures”.

The inaugural flight of this new route is scheduled for May 11, making it the only direct connection between Madrid and Montreal. With 1,063 weekly seats available, this initiative represents a significant step forward in Air Canada's commitment to the Spanish market. 

“From Madrid to heaven,” said Da Costa, reflecting the airline's excitement about this new connection. Air Canada's commitment to Spain is not limited to Madrid, as they have also announced that the Barcelona-Montreal route will become an annual route, reinforcing their commitment to the Spanish market and offering more options to travellers.

This second summer in the middle of winter promises to open up new travel opportunities, with additional connections to the Caribbean. During the event, Alfons Calderon, Quebec's Head of Commercial Affairs, highlighted the importance of sustainable transportation and shared shocking statistics. 

While in 2005 just 5,000 seats were sold on this route, by 2023 the figure rose to 550,000, with Air Canada leading with 60% of the market. Calderon described Montreal as a “fast-paced and vibrant” city, with its iconic tulip parks.

Michael di Santo and Nicolás Massoni, representatives of the Chamber of Commerce, expressed their support for this initiative that strengthens commercial ties between Spain and Canada. Almudena Maíllo, Councillor for Tourism of the Madrid City Council, announced the start of a promotional campaign to be carried out in June, thanking Quebec and Montreal for their support in this joint venture.

With the introduction of Signature, Middle and Economy classes, Air Canada seeks to offer an exceptional travel experience for all passengers, reaffirming its commitment to service excellence.