Airspeeder are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking two-year broadcast content deal with Fox Sports Australia that will bring exclusive, cutting-edge flying car racing content to audiences across Australia. Under the agreement there will be four exciting content series shown over two years on Fox Sports which is available on Foxtel and streaming service, Kayo Sports.


The new programming lineup features highlights from the first Airspeeder EXA Series Race in South Australia, a “Finding Extreme Pilots Series," and "How to Build a Flying Car" series looking at how these eVTOL vehicles are built, devised for Australia’s more established motorsport technology fans. The 30-minute shows target a technology, sci-fi and electric motorsport aware audience with a passion for futurism and a deep love of behind-the-scenes jeopardy.

Approved Assets: Programmes:

● Road to Flying Car Racing (6 x 30mins)

● Race Highlights (1 x 35mins)

● Finding Extreme Pilots (5 x 30mins)

● Building Flying Cars (5 x 30mins)

Additionally, the inaugural 2022 season race of the pioneering Airspeeder EXA racing series was also captured by sports production company Aurora Media Worldwide, who executive produced a Road to Flying Car Racing documentary, to give audiences a behind-the-scenes look at the season, and the advanced air mobility technology that underpinned it.

With crewed racing on the horizon, Airspeeder’s Head of Media, Stephen Sidlo, added: "Airspeeder is at the forefront of flying car technology and we are excited to be working with Fox Sports Australia to bring the thrill of flying car racing to audiences across our home country of Australia.

“The growth of behind-the-scenes sports shows an appetite for this kind of content, so what better than to follow the journey of flying car racing in the 21st Century. This two year content partnership will give fans an unparalleled look into the future of motorsports and the technology that bridges futurism and real-world racing."

The shows are a joint created by the in-house team at Airspeeder and supported by Aurora Media Worldwide and will showcase the latest in flying car technology and give viewers an inside look at the pilots, teams, and technology that make this cutting-edge sport possible. With exclusive access to Airspeeder and Alauda Aeronautics cutting-edge racing series, Fox Sports Australia will be the go-to destination for fans looking to experience the future of motorsports.

Stay tuned for more information on when these series will air and be sure to tune in to Fox Sports Australia via Foxtel or Kayo Sports to catch all the action. Fox Sports Australia is the largest sports broadcaster in Australia and provides extensive coverage of various sports events such as cricket, AFL, NFL, Motorsport, Netball and more.

There are more than 2.8 million sports subscribers across the Foxtel Group and their programming is available on multiple platforms including cable, satellite, and streaming services. They also have a strong digital presence with their website and mobile apps, which provide live streaming, news, highlights, and other features to their viewers.