With temperatures expected to soar in parts of the UK this week, Alzheimer’s Society is providing advice to help the over 84,000 people estimated to be living with dementia across the West Midlands and the UK stay safe and hydrated during the hot spell. 

Dehydration is a common challenge for people living with dementia and memory problems mean they can easily forget to drink enough water. During the hot weather, the charity suggests families and carers can help by; leaving glasses or jugs of water within easy reach, sharing a drink with the person, leaving reminders to drink and providing high water content foods.  

Judith King, Alzheimer’s Society Head of Services for the West Midlands said: “Of course, people should enjoy the nice weather, but high temperatures can lead to severe health problems for people with dementia unless they take special precautions to keep cool and well-hydrated. 

"People with dementia may forget to drink enough fluids and wear suitable clothing. As the temperatures rise this week, we are urging families and carers to check in on people with dementia to make sure they are staying hydrated, wearing light clothes and keeping out of direct sun.  

“Popping round to check on a neighbour, friend or family member with dementia can help protect them and keep them safe during the hot weather.” Jelly Drops ‘water sweets’ are an alternative way to help people with dementia stay hydrated and help boost daily water intake.

Jelly Drops are supported by Alzheimer’s Society and are bite-sized, sugar-free sweets containing 95 per cent water and added electrolytes. The colourful sweets can be taken throughout the day to keep the person hydrated during the hot weather.