In a new survey by language experts, Babbel, it has been revealed that the Brummie accent is one that the nation enjoys listening to the most. 

The accent featured within the top five of the nation’s favourite regional dialects to listen to.


The Cockney dialect took the top spot, followed by Geordie, Scots, Brummie and then Welsh.   

When it comes to the accents that people find the most fun, the Brummie accent featured ahead of Scouse and Welsh and after Northern Irish, Scots and Cockney.  

So, whilst very few of us love the sound of our own voice, it seems others disagree. The full results from the survey are:

The dialects we enjoy listening to the most:  

1.     Cockney 

  1. Geordie 

3.     Scots 

4.     Brummie 

5.     Welsh 

The dialects we think sound the most fun: 

1.     Northern Irish & Geordie 

2.     Scots 

3.     Cockney 

4.     Brummie 

5.     Scouse & Welsh 


The dialects we want our spouse or future spouse to have:  

1.     Northern Irish or Scots 

2.     Welsh or Cockney 

3.     Yorkshire 

4.     Southeast 

5.     West Country or Brummie  


The top regional accents we wish we had:  

1.     Geordie 

2.     Cockney 

3.     Scots 

4.     Northern Irish 

5.     Welsh 


The dialects we think sound the kindest:  

1.     Welsh 

2.     Yorkshire 

3.     Scots 

4.     Geordie 

5.     Northern Irish