The Black Country Chamber of Commerce Awards 2016 have been officially launched, celebrating the best in business from across the region. The Black Country Chamber is striving to double the size of the Black Country economy by 2023, with the success and continued growth of the local business community being an integral facet in helping us to achieve this aim. Furthermore, the Awards are an ideal platform upon which to showcase your company and celebrate your success, as we recognise those who truly contribute towards the local economy.

Two Awards Writing Workshops take place in the run up to the deadline for applications. The first one was on 16th May and was led by Andrea Childs, Managing Director of Klick Business Solutions (bid & tender writing company). She has written successful business tenders and award submissions and entries for many years and was the winner of the 2015 Black Country Chamber Customer Service Award. The second workshop will take place on 9th June and will be led by Peter Starr, Director of Chilli Pepper Development Ltd. Peter has worked in Blue Chip organisations for 15 years and now works with businesses to maximise all of their sales and marketing opportunities. 

Andrea Childs, Managing Director of Klick Business Solutions, said: “Gaining professional recognition through awards is critical to ensure you are celebrating the great things your organisations are doing. The publicity, recognition not forgetting the feel good factor an award brings to the company and staff is well worth the effort of writing an entry. This workshop helps you to understand what to write and how to make your entry stand out from the crowd.”

The workshops aim to provide a summary of the awards, some essential tips, and some coaching in preparing your entry for the Black Country Chamber of Commerce Awards 2016.

This year we want to make the celebrations bigger and better with more businesses applying and in attendance. The Black Country Chamber of Commerce Awards Dinner 2016 will take place on 18th November 2016 at Wolverhampton Racecourse.

The Black Country Chamber of Commerce Awards 2016 are now open for entry.