A bill introduced in the USA could personally fine teachers a minimum of $10,000 for teaching children anything that contradicts religion. The “Students’ Religious Belief Protection Act”, introduced by Oklahoma state senator Rob Standridge, is set to have its first reading when the new legislative session begins.


Teachers could be fined a minimum of $10,000 per incident, per individual and would be paid from the teacher’s personal resources, without assistance from any other individuals or groups. If the teacher could not pay, they would lose their job.

The latest in a string of attacks on inclusive education by Standridge, the bill, it is said, would allow parents to take action against teachers who discuss issues that contradict a child’s religious beliefs. It means that topics like LGBT+ rights, evolution, the Big Bang and birth control could be targeted.

The senator said: “The bill is a response to an emergency.” He went on to say: “If passed, it would be effective immediately for the preservation of the public peace”. Two more bills, also to be considered this legislative session, were filed by Standridge in December.

The first, Senate Bill 1142, would ban Oklahoma schools from “having or promoting books that address the study of sex, sexual preferences, sexual activity, sexual perversion, sex-based classifications, sexual identity, gender identity, or books that contain content of a sexual nature”.

The second, Senate Bill 1141, would ban state colleges and universities from covering “gender, sexual, or racial diversity, equality, or inclusion” in any required core curriculum, and from requiring students to take part in courses outside of the core curriculum that “address any form of gender, sexual, or racial diversity, equality, or inclusion”.

In the past, Standridge has passed legislation to create what is called a ‘President Donald J Trump Highway’ in the state. It has also authored a bill to create special ‘America Fitst’ license plates so that Oklahomans state registered vehicles can show their pride in America and the MAGA movement.