The upcoming Bollywood film Pune to Goa which marks the debut of the director Amol Bhagat is produced by Morya Production House and is a nice cocktail of several genres like Comedy, Suspense, & Thriller.

In this film, a journey song has been sung by the popular singer Javed Ali and the music is given by P.Shankaram. The makers of the film comprise of Prahlad Rambhau Taware, Ravindra Harpale, and Jeetubhai.D.Soni, whereas, the co- makers are Nava Nisarg Production( Kishore Kharat), Navnath Jachak, Vithhul Ghuge and Maruti Manvar.

Actually, this film is based on a trip of struggling artists who embark on a journey from Pune to Goa, but story sheds light on the several exciting experiences, mysterious events, and dangerous situations that they encounter during the trip.

In this film, the audience will get to see a nice mix of suspense and romance. Stating further about the film, director Amol Bhagat stated that the viewers will surely like the film. The shooting of the film will begin soon in Goa and the movie will also be subsequently be released in 43 different countries.

The screenplay & dialogues of the movie has been written by Rajan Agarwal and the auditions of the movie have been conducted by Delhi, Haryana, & Uttar Pradesh, along with other states in which various artists had taken part and only some of them have been selected.

The list of the fresh new artists includes names like Shruti Parashar, Kritarth Singh, Amit Kumar, Satnam Singh, Vineeth Kumar Yadav, Shashank Shekhar, Yachna Saukhi, Shwetansh Gaur, Anil Rajput, Pradip Sharma, and Kirath Mandal.