Through a journey filled with various professional experiences and amassed capabilities, Caribbean-American digital marketing expert and entrepreneur, Bridgette Daley is making major impact in the global digital revolution. She is currently on a mission to use her mastery of this field to benefit small and medium sized enterprises and organizations in her native Jamaica and the wider Caribbean region.

Via her company, b.Digital Consulting, Bridgette incorporates a tech-driven, solutions-oriented approach, incorporating strategic automations and AI driven marketing in order to create exceptional brand experiences for clients. The company provides custom solutions that accelerate business growth, maximizes return on investment and allows stakeholders to work ON their business, rather than IN their business.

For the Florida-based business owner, the inspiration to specialize in digital marketing came after she left her job in corporate America as a successful billion-dollar banking sales manager to craft her own path into online entrepreneurship. While on this journey she was able to fully understand the importance of having smart digital marketing as an integral part of automating the many facets of her daily, weekly and monthly business practices while she focused on other aspects of her enterprise’s growth.

b.Digital combines cutting-edge tools and techniques with a comprehensive, trendsetting next level activation to form effective digital marketing strategies which help clients to automate their communication systems and lead and revenue generation processes. Services include but are not limited to: - Website, Form and Funnel Page Creation, Lead Capturing, Lead Management, Automated SMS Campaign Creation, Email Marketing, SEO, FB/WhatsApp/IG/Google Ads.

Bridgette has utilized the full force of b.Digital to successfully assist in growing several of her clients businesses in the Medical, Real Estate, Legal, Luxury Med Spa, E-Commerce and Culinary industries and has even lead social media influencers to effectively use AI and Automation to connect with their most engaged fans, efficiently monetize their social media brands and own their social media audience data.

Although b. Digital’s many services are currently offered remotely for several international clients in locations such as the US, St Lucia and Canada, Bridgette continues to travel to the Caribbean in order to guide this digital transformation by delivering her unique, hands on, in person expertise.

The tenacious Excelsior Primary and High School graduate credits her Jamaican upbringing for providing her with the strength, courage and drive to thrive in the international business space. Thus, her motivation to establish a significant presence for b. Digital in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean region to help in directing the push to get local businesses and brands more active, customer-focused and revenue-generating in the digital marketplace.

Bridgette shared, “I believe that the Caribbean is a promising market for digital consulting services, with a growing economy and a thriving business community. We’re working on building a strong network of clients and partners in Jamaica and across the Caribbean, and investing in local talent and expertise.

“We're also developing easily deployed, affordable customized solutions that cater to the unique needs of Caribbean businesses, such as optimizing their online presence for mobile devices and integrating local payment gateways.” Most notably, in addition to working with several local businesses, Bridgette is currently consulting on a major high impact project now for The National Healthcare Enhancement Foundation, which is streamlining and automating many aspects of philanthropic giving for the benefit of the Public Health Sector of Jamaica.

In her work, the family-focused, travel-enthused and Reggae music-loving Bridgette draws on her background in Marketing, Sales Psychology, her passions for Technology, Finance, Politics and Education to keep her clients ahead of learning curves and the latest technological trends. A practice she plans to continue with each opportunity to apply her competencies in the Caribbean.

She further stated: “By establishing b. Digital Consulting as a trusted and reliable partner for businesses in the region, we hope to make a positive impact on the local economies and contribute to the growth and success of Caribbean businesses. We're excited about the possibilities and look forward to making our mark in the Caribbean's digital landscape.”