A report seeking approval to build 166 affordable homes for rent and sale in Perry Common is to go to cabinet. This is the final phase of an area regeneration that has seen the replacement of 908 structurally defective homes with 913 new homes (including a 40 place Extra Care centre), a health centre, and a 60-bed special care centre. The regeneration has also seen the creation and improvement of over 27 acres of public open space and improvement of other community facilities.

The development has been built through the city council’s house-building arm, the Birmingham Municipal Housing Trust (BMHT).

747 homes have already been built at Perry Common, comprising a mixture of for sale and rent through the council, housing associations and the Witton Lodge Community Association.

This final phase will see 77 homes for rent and 89 for sale built, with the rental homes remaining in the ownership of the city council.

Councillor Tahir Ali, cabinet member for development, economy and transport, said: “Birmingham Municipal Housing Trust is doing great work providing the right kind of high quality homes and helping close the housing gap.

“It is not simply about building new homes, important though this is; we have to build the types of homes that people need. Bringing quality new homes to people is one of the most rewarding parts of my job and this is another great example of the BMHT’s forward-thinking strategy.”

The Birmingham Municipal Housing Trust Delivery Plan for 2015-2020 will deliver an estimated 2,056 homes, of which 1,456 will be new rented council homes. Through the BMHT, the city council has become the leading developer of new homes within Birmingham, building more new homes than any other provider.

The council provides new homes that look attractive and meet the needs of Birmingham’s citizens; are carefully designed to ‘Building for Life’ Quality Standards and are ‘Secure by Design’ compliant; and are economic to run, incorporating the latest building technologies for creating lower running costs for tenants.

The report will go to cabinet on Tuesday 8 December.