Health Tourism is a goal for the Iranian Province of Golestan having three nuclear medical facilities, and world class medical specialists.

Golestan Province is one of the 31 provinces of Iran, located in the northeast of the country and southeast of the Caspian Sea. The capital city of Golestan Province is Gorgan, formerly known as Esterabad until 1937.


This province is also the home of state-of-the-art nuclear medical facilities and medical specialists in this field. Nuclear medicine physicians are classically trained physicians who have received specialized training in the field of nuclear medicine.

Nuclear medicine therapy is meant to treat cancer in combination with other treatment options, such as chemotherapy and surgery. It won’t usually lead to a cure unless combined with other therapies.

But for many patience, it will control symptoms, shrink and stabilize tumours, sometimes for years. Nuclear medicine or nucleology is a medical specialty involving the application of radioactive substances in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Nuclear imaging, in a sense, is radiology done inside out” because it records radiation emitting from within the body rather than radiation that is generated by external sources like X-rays. Iran is a cost-effective medical tourism destination.

Golestan last week held a two-day event in honour of the late Iranian physician and environmentalist Gholam-Ali Beski, who is known as the “father of nature”, for his efforts to prevent deforestation to conserve nature. Despite recent sanctions, Iran hosts an average of one million medical tourists every year.

Medical tourists traveling to Iran are mostly from its neighbouring countries, including Iraq and Afghanistan. Two hundred Iranian hospitals have a license to accept foreign patients for medical tourism.

Iranian experts believe medical tourism is a win-win opportunity both for the Islamic Republic and foreign patients. Travelers for medical purposes find affordable but highly qualified treatment in Iran. On the other end foreign currency generated due to this export is much needed in Iran.

Iran is well known in the world having credible surgeons and physicians, cutting-edge medical technologies, high-tech medicine, and diverse specializations. Medical procedures are affordable by any standard. Iranian nurses and doctors are known for their hospitality and ethics.

The Islamic Republic is planning to increase medical tourism arrival to more than two million by 2025/2026.