As tea lovers raise their cups to celebrate National Tea Day on April 21st, there's no better time to discover responsibly sourced single garden tea with premium tea brand JING Tea.

JING is leading a revolution in the world of tea by persuading consumers to raise the benchmark of their daily tea ritual with a much higher quality experience drinking single garden tea. A single garden tea is a singular tea - you won't find another flavour profile like it.

Unlike blends that combine leaves from various regions, single garden teas offer a pure and unadulterated taste that reflects the terroir and craftsmanship of a particular tea garden and their owner. This National Tea Day, JING is proud to introduce the newly launched Organic Wuyi Oolong tea, sourced directly from Wuyi's misty mountains formed from ancient volcanoes.

The tea bushes thrive in the rocky, sandy soil, where they must extend their roots deep into the earth. This results in a rich and buttery tea, lifted by caramel sweetness and subtle floral notes.

Tea masters then slowly roast the leaves to create sumptuous autumnal flavours. It's an energising drink and so works well in the morning, and with its characteristic roasted flavour, makes a great alternative to coffee. "National Tea Day is the perfect occasion to expand your palate beyond the supermarket tea bag blend,” said Ed Eisler, Founder of JING.

“There's a vast world of real tea to explore with exceptional purity and flavour - to delight the senses. Our commitment to sourcing the best tasting single garden teas stems from our desire to share the artistry, and simple pleasure of drinking high quality tea.”

“With tea's immense variety of flavour, colour, texture and aroma each one expresses the individuality of the places, tea makers and cultures from which they are born." Served in renowned establishments such as The Dorchester, Claridge's, The Goring and The Savoy, as well as esteemed cultural institutions like the Tate art galleries, JING Teas have become synonymous with a clarity of flavour that's rich and complex.

Whereas mainstream black tea is a blend of tea from multiple continents, JING's Assam Breakfast Tea is sourced from a single origin, Assam. With a coveted 3 stars in Great Taste Awards 2023 where judges called it 'exquisite' in blind taste tests, it's in the top 2% of all 14,195 products entered from around the world. 

Enjoyed with or without milk, JING's Assam Breakfast Tea has honeyed, malty notes and is an exceptional example of black tea. In addition to being available in prestigious venues, JING's single garden teas can also be found online at