Diabetes UK, in partnership with Sport England, have launched an initiative to encourage and support people living with diabetes across the region get more active.

Moving more when you have diabetes is an important way of managing your condition and making a few small changes in your daily life can give your health a real boost. Some of the many benefits of physical activity include helping the body use insulin better, helping to look after your blood pressure as high blood pressure increases your risk of diabetes complications, and helping you lose weight if you need to.

Despite this, we know many people can find it difficult to start moving more, worrying that it can be too tiring or cause hypos. That’s why Diabetes UK have partnered with Sport England to help build confidence and provide support.

Peter Shorrick DMS, MBA, Midlands and East Regional Head at Diabetes UK, said: “With more than 670,000 people living with a diabetes diagnosis in the Midlands it’s crucial they find a way to include activity to help live a healthier life.

“I really hope people take up this opportunity to learn more about the benefits of moving more and start making small changes to how much activity they do. Many of us have felt anxious, worried and unable to keep active during the coronavirus pandemic, it really has never been more important to introduce activity for both a healthy body and a healthy mind.”

Taking those first steps to a healthier life can be tough, but we at Diabetes UK understand that and have introduced support to make the journey easier.