Leader of the City of Wolverhampton Council, Roger Lawrence has unveiled the New Horizons: Our Vision for the City of Wolverhampton in 2030 to city partners. The document, details how the city can secure a sustainable, successful future for the next generation of Wulfrunians, and was drafted following consultation with key city stakeholders. More than 100 representatives from the business, education and public sectors, from around the city and beyond, saw it launched  at a partners event staged at the City of Wolverhampton Science Park.

As well as hearing from Councillor Lawrence about the ‘Vision 2030’ before it’s official launch at Full Council yesterday, speakers included Managing Director of rapidly expanding Wolverhampton-based company Thompson AVC, Scott Thompson, and recent OBE award winner Georgetta Holloway, Executive Head teacher at Heath Park and Moseley Park Schools.

Councillor Lawrence said: “The City of Wolverhampton’s ‘Vision 2030’ is an important scene-setter or road-map, if you will, for the future. But as well as a scene setter we want it to be a game-changer that encourages a more joined-up approach across the city.

“We already have excellent partnership and collaboration at a city-wide and regional level and this document builds on that. It’s based on engagement with key city leaders and hundreds more had the opportunity to get involved in shaping the document. Clearly we’ve got much more to do but there’s a lot to build on and a lot of positive foundations.”

“However, we also face many significant challenges and these are best dealt with by working together. There are also huge opportunities in our city and future success is all the better when it’s shared by all.

“I would like to thank all of those who made a contribution to this document which – I hope - has risen above narrow interest groups and party politics.”

The overriding message of Vision 2030 is closer partnership working between all sectors in the city, collaboration – at city level and beyond – and co-production, with vision, strategy and planning at the core.

Vision 2030 sets out a number of key ambitions such as:

  1.     Having a city centre we’re proud of – a really important thing for local people
  2.     Raising our game and with it pride by creating a confident, buzzing city of ambition, innovation and inclusion
  3.     Breathing new life into civic society so that it empowers people and businesses
  4.     Having world class, collaborative public services
  5.     Celebrating education, enterprise and skills – key foundations of future success
  6.     Creating a buoyant and resilient economy with thriving international and small, independent businesses
  7.     Better access and connections to our city
  8.     Retaining economic benefits within our city
  9.     Being confident in our diversity and being serious about boosting health and well-being
  10. Doing much more to ensure sustainability for future generations