Corporate Finance and Real Estate Advisory firm Harrogate International Advisory based in Liverpool and with offices in Birmingham have today announced that they have secured a multimillion pound funding line from a Private Family Office, which will be known as ‘Harrogate Private Property Fund’.

The Multi-Million pound fund will be utilised for real estate projects in the UK and will focus on Bridging Finance, Mezzanine and Equity within the property sectors in residential and commercial developments.


Harrogate International were approached by the Private Family Office and its representatives and have been in discussions for a number of years. The Liverpool based company led by Faisal Arif and Sue Wright have been very active capitalising on the property market during and post the pandemic.

The Private Family Office representatives were said to have been keen to invest in the UK property market but have been waiting for the right time to fully commit. The fund will focus on the short term bridging market and are pleased to have selected Harrogate Private Property Fund as its preferred partner to gain access and deploy capital within the UK.

Faisal Arif CEO of Harrogate Private Property Fund said: “With the increase in both property acquisitions and development activity its great timing to have this facility in place for our clients.

“We can now advise our clients on the array of funding options in the market but can also use our own funds and become a one stop shop for property developers. Our fund will look to make investments of between £100k to £10m on any single deal as either Bridging, Mezzanine or Equity. We are looking forward to working with developers nationwide and providing access to capital.”