On September 22, North Bund International Shipping Forum themed on Openness, Cooperation, and Innovation: Co-building a New Landscape of Global Shipping & Aviation’ took place at the Grand Halls in Shanghai.

Representatives and experts from industry authorities, port and shipping companies, research institutes, and industry associations from around the world gathered in Shanghai to discuss the current development, challenges, and future opportunities of the shipping industry, aiming to jointly promote the new development of shipping.

During the opening ceremony on the morning of September 22, 11 significant achievements in the high-quality development of the shipping industry were announced. One of these achievements was the automotive industry digital supply chain platform provided by COSCO SHIPPING.

COSCO SHIPPING is actively working to bring together the modern logistics industry and advanced manufacturing industry to address the transportation challenges faced by the automotive industry and create a digital supply chain platform specifically for automobile transportation featuring intelligent, comprehensive and green supply chain solutions. This platform incorporates digital technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, artificial intelligence, and 5G to seamlessly connect all aspects of the shipping industry.

With 157 routes connecting over 60 ports worldwide, it offers a comprehensive range of 310 digital supply chain products, including trailer services, warehousing, customs declaration, shipping, unpacking, and PDI testing. Its logistics solutions are tailored to the needs of automotive industry customers, providing exclusive end-to-end services.

Additionally, the platform integrates green and intelligent technology to automatically calculate transportation carbon emissions and actively participates in the International Maritime Organisation’s comprehensive assessment of EEX I and CII. This ensures that the service is in compliance with all necessary regulations and can provide a sustainable transportation solution.