Malawian-born stand-up comedian Daliso Chaponda has extended his UK tour due to popular demand.

The tour, 'Feed This Black Man Again', kicked off on February 11th at Glasgow’s The Stand. Since then, it has been met with overwhelming enthusiasm, with numerous sold-out shows.

Currently comprising 30 scheduled dates, more shows are set to be added to accommodate the demand. Daliso did his first solo show ‘Feed This Black Man’ 20 years ago in Canada, this hour saw him dissect the way Africans were always portrayed as starving, negative stereotypes that were all supported by charities. 

The jokes were mediocre, it included an offensive rap about poverty and the big finale was his eating a sandwich on stage... Now, two decades and half a lifetime later, he is a seasoned writer and performer having secured a coveted spot on the Royal Variety Show, written and starred in four series of ‘Citizen of Nowhere’ for Radio 4 series (that was nominated for the Rose d’Or) and was a finalist on Britain’s Got Talent! So, 22 years after starting comedy, Daliso has achieved more than he imagined was possible!

In this brand-new show Daliso mulls over the wisdom of age. Wouldn't you love a chance to have your first relationship again? Be employed at your first job, but this time stand up to your boss?

This show has the same themes as ‘Feed This Man’ (written when he was extremely thin!), but with brand new jokes that Daliso has re-written. He talks about how different the show would have been if he wrote it now instead of the original time, and wondered if he would have cared as much about white privilege, or cultural misportrayal as he did as a 21-year-old?  

Now the 43-year-old Daliso critiques the naivete of that 21-year-old and what ridiculous preconceptions he had and how naive all young people had at the time of ways of ‘changing the world’. In which ways would the young Daliso be disappointed at the person he became?  

He would have loved the fact he had made a living as a comedian, but less so the fact he has no wife or kids. It’s also questionable that over the years he has had weird relationships with girlfriends - a stripper, a single mother and an ex who was a compulsive liar, he has even tried dating an artificial intelligence bot...  

The young Daliso would have been disappointed. However politically, that would have been his biggest disappointment, as he’s not a campaigner… 

And what will happen to him in 21 years’ time? “Touring comedy is what I love most and do best, he says. 

“What’s interesting about this show is that I look back on how I started, where I am and get to the bottom of why I love and need this. It’s all very therapeutic and new age, but also, I think this show is full of fun.”

Daliso shot to fame and captured the hearts of the nation on Britain’s Got Talent 2017 where he reached the final and was Amanda Holden’s Golden Buzzer act. He has gone on to amass an outstanding 300 million plus YouTube & Facebook views! 

He has performed on The Royal Variety Performance (ITV1) with other notable TV appearances under his belt that include four appearances on QI (BBC2), ‘Have I Got News For You’ (BBC1),’BGT The Champions’(ITV), ’Countdown’ (Ch4) and is a series regular on the Apprentice You're Fired (BBC2).  His Radio 4 show ‘Citizen Of Nowhere’, which he wrote and stars in, has been recommissioned for a fourth series.  He regularly appears on Radio 4’s ‘Just A Minute’, ‘The News Quiz’ and ‘The Now Show’.

His last two stand-up shows ‘Apocalypse Not Now’ and ‘Blah Blah Blacklist’ received critical acclaim from the Edinburgh Festival both of which toured extensively and his previous show ‘What The African Said’ sold out a 50 + date UK tour also received much critical praise.  Over the past 12 months he has performed in Qatar, Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia, Tenerife, Brussel, South Africa, Eswatini, Mozambique, Italy, Greece, Uganda and Luxembourg!     

In addition to stand up, Daliso is also a prolific fiction writer. He has published science fiction and was a finalist in the ‘Writers of The Future’ competition run by L. Ron Hubbard publishing based in the USA and he has had his murder mysteries and fantasy fiction in numerous magazines and anthologies.

The tour dates are as follows:


Thurs 25th                     MAIDENHEAD – Norden Farm Centre


Fri 10th                          ALDERSHOT – West End Centre

Fri 17th                          BATH – Rondo Theatre

Tues 21st                      COLCHESTER – Arts Theatre

Fri 24th                          BEDFORD – The Quarry Theatre

Sat 25th                         SWINDON – Arts Centre


Sat 1st                           YORK – Theatre@41>

Sat 8th                           BRADFORD – Alhambra Theatre – Studio

Thur 12th                       LEEDS – The Wardrobe – Leeds Comedy Festival

Sat 15th                         CHIPPENHAM – Neeld Community & Arts Centre

Fri 21st                          BROMLEY – Churchill Theatre

Sat 22nd                        SOUTHEND – Palace Theatre (Dixon Studio)

Sat 29th                         NEWPORT – Riverfront Theatre


Sat 14th                         LIVERPOOOL – Liverpool’s Royal Court

Sun 15th                        WIRKSWORTH  - Wirksworth Festival


Sat 5th                           BIRMINGHAM – Mac Theatre

Fri 11th                          BOLTON – Octagon Theatre

Sun 20th                        BRISTOL – Tobacco Factory


Sat 23rd                         LONDON – Blackheath Halls

Sun 24th                        BRIGHTON – Komedia


Sat 7th                           SILSDEN – Sildsen Town Hall