The Spanish brewery Estrella Galicia (Hijos de Rivera) has joined the B Corp movement, a constantly-evolving community that strives to resolve social problems, caring for the environment, strengthening the local community and creating high-quality employment.

Its B Corp membership has been possible thanks to achieving the highest standards in social and environmental performance, disclosure and corporate responsibility, required by this movement. Presently, there are more than 8,000 B Corp companies all over the world, in 95 countries and in 162 different industries.

The Spanish family-owned brewery has embarked on its trajectory as part of this growing international community- its member companies include Ben & Jerry's, Patagonia or Ecoalf-, which jointly works towards a systemic change in a new economic model that is fair, inclusive and sustainable. B Corp's strict membership standards measure a company's management performance around five key areas: Governance, Workers, Community, Environment and Clients.

An internal transformation process and the company's actual commitment to a Positive Impact have enabled it to pass this assessment, where all companies must provide evidence of their good practices and incorporate their legal commitment into their corporate object, as foreseen in their by-laws. Estrella Galicia has obtained a score of 88.2 points, surpassing the necessary 80.

Of particular importance is the strength evidenced in impact areas related to governance and consumers. By joining the movement, the company is backing up a solid commitment to its surroundings and stakeholders, as further evidence of its underlying non-conformism, implemented since it was founded in 1906 and shared today by all its employees.

This milestone has bolstered its Positive Impact strategy which, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals, is structured around five cornerstones that resemble B Corp's impact areas: Source, Planet, People, Partnerships and Governance. The initiatives launched include carbon neutrality in its industrial plants, its commitment to eco-containers (No Pack), and its support of culture and sports.

Estrella Galicia, as a B Corp company, is facing 2024 with many challenges, to include the opening of its second factory. These new facilities are amongst the sector's most advanced in terms of wellbeing and environmental friendliness.