Equal parts memoir and historical account, the new book from author Tadesse E.A., “Ethiopia: Making Sense of the Past and the Present with People” (published by Balboa Press AU), tells a poignant story of life in Ethiopia. “History and historic events have a significant impact on people,” Tadesse E.A. says. “Whatever we do, wherever we live our history, is a key part of who we are today." "In many parts of the world, people are still fighting over differences created by history. This book shows the important roles our history and background have played in people’s lives.”

Based in the author’s strong academic background and peppered with his real-life experiences of living in the country, “Ethiopia” shares a historical look at E.A.’s native land in a contemporary way.

In this book, Tadesse E.A. shares his life experiences from childhood to adulthood, highlights the challenges of the Ethiopian people and their struggle during the imperial era, discusses two, long-running governmental bodies and the national election process and more.

E.A.  hopes his book will shed light on the current and past issues the Ethiopian people have endured, as well as the impact struggles of the past can have on future generations of all nationalities.