Fans will soon get a fresh fix of their favourite heroes as this Easter "The LEGO® Movie™ 4D A New Adventure”, an all new 4D attraction, re-unites the characters from the original movie at the Legoland Windsor Resort.  The new attraction also brings together some of the original voices, features an entirely new plot and mixed with amazing 4D effects, promises a uniquely imaginative interactive experience. 

The riotous, action-packed plot sees Emmet, Wyldstyle, Unikitty, Benny and MetalBeard receive a mysterious invitation leading them to a new theme park, bearing a suspicious resemblance to Legoland. But all is not as it seems as the heroes are once again thrust into the middle of an evil secret plot masterminded by a totally new character, the scheming Risky Business. The larger-than-life experience will sweep the audience right into the action as the gang hurtle through a fast paced adventure featuring some very special theme park attractions, from Unikitty's cute and colourful 'Wainbow Wubble World' to Wyldstyle's 'Super Cycle Mega Ride' and MetalBeard's 'Pirate Plunder Danger Cave'.   It's up to Emmet and Wyldstyle, enlisting the Master Builder skills of the audience, to try and save the day.