The long-standing tradition of cheese rolling took on an international flavour as German Youtuber, Tom Kopke, won a thrilling men's race – despite him needing a trip to the medical tent after.

The 200-year-old annual event,down Coopeer's Hill, in Gloucestershire, saw people run, tumble and fall down the steep hill in the village of Brockworth, to win - a wheel of Double Gloucester cheese – and the honour of getting to the bottom in one piece. With the event taking place since the 1820s, with laughter, cheering and a whole lot of bruises at this year's e vent, contestants have been turning up every year ready to take on the incredibly slope, with people competing in all types of outfits from sports gear to mankinis – and even more bizarre!

The world-famous Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling was back for another year, with spectators flocking from far and wide to see the daring sporting action for another year. And with the slope on Cooper’s Hill so steep, very few contestants manage to stay on their feet and end up tumbling head-over-heels in a desperate effort to catch the coveted weighty nine-pound dairy block.

While the cheese can never actually be caught — with a brief head start, it soon reaches breakneck speeds — with Kopke being crowned as the Cheese Rolling winner after being the first person to cross the line at the bottom of the hill.