With more weddings than ever planned this year, it’s no surprise that engaged couples are looking for ways their big day can stand out from the rest. Wedding expert Lisa Forde, who founded leading wedding stationery favourites Tree of Hearts, said 2022 will be a monumental year for love. 

“It’s going to be a huge year for the wedding industry,” Lisa says. “Traditionally popular dates for a wedding have been Thursday through to Sunday, but this year we’re seeing more and more weddings planned for every day of the week as venues get booked up following postponements from the last two years. 


“But it does mean so many couples are looking for ways they can change up their big day and make it stand out from others.” 

Alongside her expert team of 16 dedicated wedding professionals, Lisa has revealed the biggest trends to look out for this year. Lisa explains a big trend for next year will be couples having a second wedding on their first anniversary.

“Finally, a chance to get together with everyone to witness the happy couple and confirm their vows and celebrate their love,” she said.

“Some will go the whole ‘bang’ and have a full wedding with invitations, ceremony, vows, reception and evening party while others will choose to create a ‘hybrid wedding’ involving just some elements of the big day. Either way, 2022 will see brides and grooms reaffirm their love and celebrate with loved ones that, due to lockdowns and restrictions, could not be at their first wedding.” 

“Love stories and the romantic literary greats will feature strongly in 2022 wedding trends,” explains Lisa. “And with the hotly-anticipated second series of Bridgerton set to air in March, Regency period fascination will find its way subtly into weddings, with literary-inspired touches and splashes of Regency Blue.

“Think of a quintessentially English cottage aesthetic, tradition, and regal elegance. Perfect for the traditionalists amongst us.”

Lockdown has given many a newfound appreciation of nature and Lisa predicts that this feeling and connection will be shown through wedding choices this year. We’re seeing many couples already choosing earthy, natural colour palettes and moving away from the whites and pastels of old. 

“Whether it’s grasses, pampaseucalyptus or simple foliage with minimal petals, it will be a strong trend for the year ahead.” Sustainability is already a huge priority amongst many Brits but in 2022 this is set to grow even further. 

“Many couples will look to reduce the environmental impact of their wedding through eco-friendly suppliers and reusable items,” explains Lisa. “Stationery from environmentally friendly suppliers (like us at Tree of Hearts!) and reusable decorations and favours will play a big part, as weddings become a statement of how a couple wants to live in harmony with the environment.”

Lisa’s company, Tree of Hearts, uses only responsibly-sourced paper, utilises carbon-neutral processes throughout production and its cards, invitations and envelopes are widely recyclable. “Backyard weddings have been booming the past couple of years and we expect no changes in that trend,” she adds.

“Lockdown made us appreciate our homes and it was a place many of us felt comfortable and safe during such a turbulent time. With COVID-19 still around for the foreseeable future, home weddings give the comfort of safety to both the couple and guests. 

“It is also a very personal, unique venue for any couples to celebrate and cement their love and commitment to each other in the place they call home. They can control all elements of the day, making their wedding reflective of them and not necessarily traditional weddings.

After the restrictions of 2020/21, Lisa says her wedding couples want to give their guests a genuinely unforgettable experience. “Multisensory elements is another huge trend we’re expecting this year where guests can experience a wedding at another level! 

“Think food and drink that doesn’t just taste and look good, but feels exciting or a venue scented with candles to match scented wedding stationery which has been sprayed with favourite scents and perfumes. Photobooths, immersive bands and surprise singing waiters are all immersive experiences that we think will continue to be popular.”