Following a reported 10% rise in mead sales in the past year, Lyme Bay Winery is predicting a craft beer-like movement hitting the UK over the coming months, as everyone from historical reenactors to cocktail connoisseurs embrace the revival of this honey-based tipple, which was one of the first alcoholic drinks to be created. Dubbed the fasted growing alcohol sector in the US, mead is steadily becoming the drink of choice for many in the UK and continues to be the Devon-based producer's bestselling range.

Rich, sweet, sophisticated and packed with polyfloral characteristics, Lyme Bay Winery's meads are made using a unique blend of Mexican, Chinese and English honey foraged from the most aromatic of indigenous flowers. Combining traditional and modern techniques, the honey blends, which are filtered naturally, are diluted with water and fermented in stainless steel vats.

Unlike many mead producers, Lyme Bay Winery sticks with the age-old method of deriving the fermentable sugars from the honey without grapes, while also using the most up-to-date winemaking techniques including the use of selected wine yeasts and cross flow filtration to create its unique and distinctive range of award-winning meads. Best served at room temperature, mead is the perfect accompaniment to cheese, spicy food and even ice cream.