A ground-breaking exhibition of the works of sculptor, engraver and painter Salvador Dali will open on Saturday 27 February 2016 in the museum space of Liège's Guillemins Railway station. It will be the largest exhibition devoted to the Spanish artist ever organised in Belgium. 

 “From Salvador to Dalí” will highlight the changing identities of the master of surrealism and his transition from child, to one the most celebrated artists of the 20th century, and to eccentric media darling, endeavouring to contribute to our understanding of how Dalí's creativity, thoughts and life story unfolded.

Featuring around 300 paintings, lithographs, gouaches, costumes, objects, films, photos and manuscripts on loan from the Stratton Foundation, the Cinemathéque Française, the Niezen-Quievy Foundation of Belgium and a number of private collectors, it will also include works by others who were inspired by Dalí, such as singer Amanda Lear,  famously one of the artist's muses.

Intended as a complete work of art, the 2000m2 exhibition will be showcased against an oversized surrealist backdrop, plunging visitors into a world of fantasy, both fascinating and unique. "Dali is surrealism, so we wanted a surrealist exhibition” explains René Schyns, president of exhibition organisers Collections et Patrimoine, adding: “Dalí, it's a little bit mad. We wanted the spectator to be immersed in this kind of madness”.