The Eden Project will be taken over by a wonderful world of games over May half-term (May 27 to June 4).

Game On is a celebration of games for all ages and will be showcasing a huge variety of pastimes, including traditional playground games, classic board games and videogames ranging from old-school arcade classics to cutting-edge virtual reality experiences.

The event will be literally bigger than ever, with giant versions of old favourites the order of the day. Giant Guess Who? and Kerplunk will be joined by Massive Battleships, a super-sized team version of the naval guessing game.

Visitors will also be able to experience retro 8-bit classics on an enormous two-person controller modelled on the iconic Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) design and work together as a team to solve an enormous marble labyrinth.

The Cardboard Arcade will encourage social play and introduce retro classics to a new audience. They will also be giving visitors the opportunity to try a virtual reality experience of “walking the plank”.

The people behind Cardboard Arcade put free-to-play multi-player arcade machines in public places all around the UK, to encourage new friendships through gaming and to inspire people of all ages to see computer games as a creative and artistic medium.

Further virtual reality experiences will be available with a cutting-edge HTC Vive headset available for visitors to try with a range of software.

Polly Randle from the Eden Project's Live team said: “Game On will be showcasing a world of play at Eden this half-term, with games of all kinds for people of all ages. We're very excited to see how our visitors get together and try out new games, be it traditional board games or mind-blowing virtual reality experiences.”

Renault have provided a starting grid full of children's' go-karts and younger visitors can also try their hand at designing or recreating some of their favourite videogame characters with magnetic pixel art boards.

Activities from all over the world will be available to play including Karrom, a table game of eastern Asian origin similar to billiards, and Mancala, a group of two-player strategy pursuits with localised versions around the world played with small stones, beans or seeds. A selection of classic board games and the iconic table-football title Subbuteo will also be available to play.

An outdoor game zone will be set up each day so visitors can try their hand at traditional playground games.