This year National Sandwich Week will be running from 11th – 17th May and this is the perfect time to ditch the salads, sushi or soups and celebrate our national favourite - the sandwich. Alaska Salmon is a timeless sandwich staple and whether you are in need of a protein packed boost or looking for a sophisticated sarnie for a picnic, there is a salmon sandwich recipe for you.

Wild Alaskan salmon is a delicate flavoursome fish packed with healthy omega-3 and protein. It's incredibly lean thanks to its years spent swimming in the icy currents of the North Pacific Ocean and it's responsibly fished so you can enjoy this tasty fish with a clear conscience.

Please see below for some original sandwich ideas from Alaska Seafood;

Smoked Wild Alaska Salmon Italian-Style Ciabatta - Take slices of ciabatta bread, split them in half and brush them with olive oil. Next, heat a char-grill pan or heavy-based frying pan and add the slices of bread, cut sides down, cooking them until lightly charred. Remove and top with baby spinach leaves, roasted red peppers (either freshly cooked or from a jar) and slices of smoked wild Alaska salmon.

Smoked Wild Alaska Salmon with Lemon Mascarpone - Take a couple of slices of farmhouse or granary bread, spread with butter, then top one piece with slices of smoked wild Alaska salmon. Season with freshly ground black pepper. Next, take 2 or 3 tbsp of mascarpone cheese and mix in a little finely grated lemon zest with a good squeeze of lemon juice. Spread and sandwich together. Add cucumber, lettuce or watercress too, if desired.

Smoked Wild Alaska Salmon Wrap with Horseradish - Mix 2 or 3 tbsp of low fat soft cheese with a couple of tsp of horseradish sauce. Spread this over a wrap, then top with smoked wild Alaska salmon, watercress, sliced radish and cucumber. Roll up tightly, slice in half, and eat.