Urban Rhino premium London dry gin has formally agreed to make a UK-based rhino charity, Waterberg Rhino UK, which supports The Rhino Orphanage in South Africa, its main beneficiary.

And if it wasn't for Waterberg Rhino UK then the gin might not even exist. It's all thanks to a lunch on “table 8” at a traditional old English pub!

Waterberg Rhino UK trustee Belinda Chaffer explains: “Just a few short months ago I was delighted to meet Pete Richardson, one of the co-founders of The Rhino Orphanage in the Waterberg – a place very dear to our hearts.

“Pete lived in South Africa but came back home in 2018 after ten years during which time he helped establish the orphanage of which he is still an active director. During our first meeting, at Table 8 at The Five Bells in Wickham (A wonderful English country pub), I mentioned we have previously been supported by a gin brand and that it was a shame that the business was possibly closing as the founders were emigrating and had other life challenges.

“Following my introduction, Pete spoke to the guys and the big news is that Pete has taken over majority ownership of The White Rhino Gin Company Ltd!!” And now Urban Rhino premium London Dry Gin is available to buy online once again with Pete and his team committing to support Waterberg Rhino UK and The Rhino Orphanage in South Africa, with 10% of the profits from sales of the gin.

“With only six botanicals, the gin recipe embodies simplicity and high-quality craftsmanship, and every sip of Urban Rhino Gin is a toast to the generosity, fun, authenticity, and the power to be changemakers. It's thanks to Waterberg Rhino UK that Urban Rhino gin can now hopefully flourish and grow, and we have some lofty ambitions,” Pete says.

“If it wasn't for Waterberg Rhino UK then Urban Rhino gin would probably not exist today, and as a co-founder of the world's first rhino orphanage I'm delighted to be able to support the charity and The Rhino Orphanage for all the amazing work it does.”