Green is no longer a trend. For a growing number of responsible tourists, it's a way of life. Hotel ICON, a luxury hotel in Hong Kong's Tsim Sha Tsui East district, follows this philosophy and has introduced a plethora of eco-initiatives to meet the expectations of today's eco-friendly traveller. From electric transportation options, to oxygen producing indoor gardens, Hotel ICON offers the very latest eco-innovations and technologies. Even guests who enter unconcerned by their carbon footprint will leave inspired to go green.


In 2016, Hotel ICON will launch the city's first, and only, electric bus to transport guests to and from Tsim Sha Tsui. It is the first hotel in Hong Kong to receive this coveted license from the Government.

Richard Hatter, General Manager of Hotel ICON stated, “We are delighted to be chosen as the first hotel in Hong Kong to run an electric bus and hope to see others follow suit so that we can all help as much as possible to reduce our carbon footprint”.

The new electric bus is the latest addition to Hotel ICON's zero emissions transport initiative following the introduction of a Green Limousine Service by Tesla last year. The all-electric vehicle delivers a silent, smooth and exhilarating, yet eco-friendly, drive.

Guests staying for two nights or more in an Above & Beyond 'Club' guestroom or suite can enjoy complimentary Tesla airport transfers.   


All waste, including glass and plastic bottles, aluminium cans and paper are recycled throughout the hotel and guests are given linen and towel change options. Even excess food doesn't go to waste at Hotel ICON, as all surplus edible food from the kitchens is donated to Foodlink, an organisation that provides healthy food for local families in need. Hotel ICON cares as much about the planet as it does about the local community striving to be both green and socially responsible.

Breathe GREEN

Designed by French botanist Patrick Blanc, Hotel ICON Is home to Asia's largest indoor vertical garden. Located in the hotel lobby and the backdrop to the hotel's casual café and bar, GREEN, the 18-metre tall vertical garden provides an unexpected respite from Hong Kong's iconic concrete jungle. 8,603 plants across 71 species grow in the garden which is maintained by a team of green-fingered experts. The garden is the most natural and eco-friendly way to produce and circulate fresh, pure oxygen. In addition, a green roof and landscaped garden further help to clean the air for guests and reduce energy for heating and cooling.


Recycling and looking for ways to reduce energy and product consumption are also key for Hotel ICON. Check-in is now paperless, which not only makes for a speedier and more efficient guest experience, but last year alone saved 2.39 tons of paper – equivalent to 40 trees.

As a leading hotel in energy saving, in 2013 Hotel ICON was awarded the CarbonCare® Label by Carbon Care Asia Ltd. This award recognises the hotel's work reducing its carbon footprint and cutting between 25-28% on energy consumption. This was achieved from the mass of plants housed within the indoor garden as well as by converting waste energy into cool or warm air (depending on the season) to heat the outdoor swimming pool year-round. The hotel's design also allows for maximum use of natural ventilation and lighting. All electric lights use highly-efficient LED light bulbs and when a space isn't in use, sensors switch off all lights and other electrical functions to save as much energy as possible. Guests are also provided with a complimentary Hotel ICON tote bag, so that when shopping in and around Hong Kong, there's no need to use plastic or non-recyclable bags.