Have you ever thought about what truly makes you happy?

It is a question the United Nations is asking us to think about, because it has branded Friday 20 March the

It’s International Happiness Day today with the serious business of the pursuit of happiness the world over upper most on people’s minds.

Launched by the United Nations, in 2013, it is hoped that the initiative encourages governments to consider the well-being of its citizens, rather than focusing efforts solely on economic growth.

Visual Social Media expert, Louise Myers, says: “International Day of Happiness is celebrated on March 20th of every year. But,” she continues, “I suggest you celebrate it every day.

“Your happiness isn’t set in stone. Influence it by the choices you make daily.

“Genes have about 50% of influence in your personal happiness. Circumstances like income and environment affect only about 10%.

“As much as 40% is influenced by your daily activities. Your actions do make a difference in how happy you are.”

Different strokes for different folks! So, just do whatever makes you happy.

Have a happy ‘International Happiness Day’ today!