In honour of World Autism Awareness Week, running from 27th March to 2nd April, Percussion Play is highlighting the healing power of playing music in the great outdoors and how it can support people with Autism.

It is well-known that playing musical instruments lifts people’s moods and creates a powerful sense of well-being.  Music therapy has been shown to significantly improve communication for those with a wide range of disabilities and health conditions. 

Numerous studies have concluded that there is a strong positive correlation between exposure to music and improved well-being for autistic people.

Being outside also enhances our mood and in the case of autistic people, the positive effects of being outdoors can be significant. One study concluded that music therapy sessions in an outdoor environment can ‘improve children’s peer interaction’. 

Another study reported seven primary benefits of being outdoors for autistic children.

These are the promotion of:

  • Communication
  • Emotion
  • Cognition
  • Interaction
  • Physical activity
  • Decreasing autistic sensitivity

Jody Ashfield, Co-founder, and CEO of Percussion Play said: “Studies show again and again the power of music for autistic people and we are proud to support World Autism Awareness Week.  During the week we are encouraging people to recognize the benefits of creating music in the great outdoors and hope to see more communities embrace the power of music in their parks, libraries, schools, and hospitals around the world.”