2024 is a big year for football fans, as UEFA EURO 2024 is approaching.

The best 24 national teams from across Europe will clash in 10 cities across Germany, and after a whole month of intense competition, we will find out who is the very best on the continent. It’s an incredible spectacle for both hardcore and casual fans.

No wonder crowds of fans are flocking to enjoy it. If you’d like to be among them, it’s time to start making your travel arrangements. There is a good reason why countries want to organise events such as UEFA EURO 2024.

They are some of the most popular sporting events in the entire world. UEFA itself received more than 20 million ticket requests from fans worldwide. Sadly for most, only 1.2 million tickets are available.

However, many fans are not deterred even by this. The host nation of Germany is expecting that more than 650 thousand fans from abroad will attend the event.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who got tickets, or simply want to feel the EURO 2024 atmosphere and spend some time in Berlin, Munich, or other host cities, there is one additional aspect that you need to consider: traveling. The demand (and prices) for flight tickets to Germany during the championship are through the roof.

For example, Georgia, which qualified for the EURO for the very first time, is now dealing with the “flights problem” on a state level. So, getting your plane tickets can be a more daunting task than getting tickets to the championship games themselves. However, there is a simple solution to this problem.

Private flights are more convenient, and more engaging. Justinas Bulka, the CEO at KlasJet, a charter airline that specialises in business-class charter flights, said: “Half of European flights experience delays.

“Such things can ruin a fan's experience that you’ve waited for so long. Private flights allow you to plan your trip more flexibly, avoid crowded airports, reduce wait times, etc. This means less stress and wasted energy on traveling, and more for the games themselves.

“These are the very reasons why national teams themselves typically fly privately. Charter airlines know precisely what athletes require.

“Team executives also noticed long ago that convenient flying has a positive effect on players' performance. Top athletes prefer to travel privately for a very good reason. This way, they can relax, better prepare for the upcoming game, or recover from the previous one.

“These things can be real difference-makers. During events such as the EUROs, fans also need to perform, to be on top of their game.

“Why not do what athletes do?"