An Indian woman married her lover after a 22-year wait. The long wait was due to getting permission from her family as the man was from a different caste.


The woman, named Sonia, was a resident of Jammu and Kashmir.

Manish Kachru, Sonia’s makeup artist, shared the bride’s glamorous look on Instagram.

He captioned the video: “Meet Sonia, she waited 22 years for her love.

“Finally, her family gives her permission for their inter-caste marriage. Now she is ready to go to her reception.”

While social media users loved her bridal look, many were more interested to hear about her 22-year wait.

On behalf of Sonia, Manish revealed what happened.

He explained how the Indian woman met her lover who was from a different caste, and the hardship she faced with her family due to wanting to marry him.

The comment read: “It was in the year 1998 when I first saw Sanjay hovering with his bicycle surrounded by a group of boys.

“I didn’t give much attention to him back then but for him, ‘it was a love at first sight’ kinda moment.

“We never interacted with each other. But our glances for sure lingered often with each other.

“My friends and I crossed the busy bazaar and he was always there just to get a glance at me just like in 90’s movies.

“Fast forward a few years, when I told my father about Sanjay, he stumbled against our marriage.

“He said, ‘The day he builds you a house is the day I’ll marry him to you’.

“Years passed and that emotion was suppressed inside me because I had responsibilities.

“Since my brother never took responsibility for his daughters, I decided to raise them. And our love has just grown strong over these years. They are both grown-ups now and well-educated. We couldn’t be more proud of them!”

Sonia’s love life didn’t halt with her increasing responsibilities for her family.

The story continued: “Well, that’s not the end of my story.

“My father kept nudging me about marriage, ‘you are of marriage age’. But little did I care about marriage.

“Because my heart was etched on Sanjay.

“I believe, what’s meant for you comes to you! This phrase does stand true to my love story at least.”

Sonia revealed that her father passed away in 2022 before granting her marriage.

She said: “My life revolved around taking care of my nieces and my father.

“On 26 March 2022, my father passed away due to an illness.

“When I was going through all this, I met Sanjay again at my old residence.

“I didn’t know that even Sanjay never got married.

“We met a few times and Sanjay confessed his feelings for me.”

“But he decided to build a house for me as my father always wanted and asked for my hand from my family.

“After 22 years of longing for each other without even meeting our love for each other remained unconditional. And we decided to tie the knot with each other!

“A few days back, on January 30, 2023, our ‘happily ever after’ moment hitched! And I can say, the wait was worthwhile!”