A British man has completed the build on an apocalypse-proof bunker in his back garden... in rural Lincolnshire. Following on from the worldwide success of his Ejector Bed (over 5.5m views on YouTube), British inventor Colin Furze is back with a brand new project. Teaming up with Sky 1 alongside their new series You, Me & The Apocalypse, Colin has turned his back garden into a massive underground bunker.

The video revealing the finished bunker went live on Colin’s YouTube page this afternoon (youtube.com/ColinFurze).

As Colin’s biggest project to date, the bunker:

-          Took two months to complete

-          Is 3 metres deep underground

-          Consists of 6 tonnes of metal

-          60 cubic metres of concrete

-          15 tonnes of hardcore

-          15 tonnes of topsoil

The first four episodes of the build have already garnered around 3.3million views on YouTube and episode 5 is expected to be one of Colin’s most popular videos to date, as fans will finally get to see the results of weeks of hard work, digging the pit, constructing the structure and fitting the electricity to create a real-life underground bunker, decked out as both the ultimate man cave and a space capable of withstanding an apocalypse.

For the 6th andfinal episode in the bunker project, Colin will be joined by a group of fellow YouTube stars to watch the final episode of You, Me & The Apocalypse, mirroring the characters in the show gathering together for the end of mankind. The final video will launch late November and will take advantage of YouTube’s 360 video function giving viewers a full tour of the bunker.

Colin also has a role in the Sky 1 drama, appearing as a market trader selling blueprints for an apocalyptic bunker, blurring the lines between drama and reality. Other popular YouTubers with cameos in the show: scientist VSauce (9m subscribers), family vloggers The Saccone–Jolys (3.5m), popular lifestyle presenter Patricia Bright (600k), and Brighton-based online sensation Joe Weller (2.6m).

Colin is available for interview, to discuss the bunker project and how he became one of the most popular inventors in the world and an online sensation, creating amazing contraptions such as the world’s fastest pram, a heated pair of shoes, a toaster knife and upside down shoe and sending a smartphone to 106,500ft using a high-altitude balloon.